Updated 01/03/21

In this uncertain time I wanted to write a little blog post to reassure all my future brides of everything I am doing to continue with my work and be with you all on your wedding days when they can happen.  All beauty professionals are currently closed and are not able to perform close contact services (including make up and hair styling).  Until the time we are allowed to work again (hopefully 12/04/21.)I will be constantly keeping up to date with the government guidelines and advice so when I can work again I can ensure the safety of my services.  In the weeks/months ahead if your wedding can go ahead I will be there for you and the following is true;

My assistants and I: As long as we are fit and healthy and government advice allows we will be with you on your wedding day.  We will take our temperatures before each job.  We have masks, visor shields, gloves and aprons for us to use whilst we do the makeup/hair to follow guidelines and make you feel more at ease with us being so close to you.  My kit, brushes and other tools are cleaned and sterilised regularly, and we wash our hands before and after each client (this all happens anyway but I feel the need to reiterate!)

To emphasise hygiene has always been top priority for me, the following procedures have all been followed regularly:

  • Thorough decontamination of the work surfaces before our kit is put out
  • Make up brushes – cleaned with anti-bacterial fairy liquid and sterilised with an IPA
  • New brushes used for each client and if not possible brushes sterilized between each client
  • Thorough hand washing at 20 minute intervals during make up and at the start and end of each client if not wearing gloves
  • When applying mascara using only disposable mascara wands so there is no cross contamination
  • Actual Mascara replaced every job
  • Products that can’t be replaced so frequently are sprayed with IPA (isopropynol, an alcohol) and wiped off with a tissue to ensure their cleanliness
  • Eye Shadows to be dispensed on to a cotton pad and used from there so no brush touches the palette
  • Pencils such as lip pencils or eye pencils are sharpened before each use to ensure only fresh product touches each person
  • All liquid products are in bottles with pumps – no cross contamination by dipping into the product itself
  • Disposable spatulas are used to decant products in tubs directly onto a palette so no brush doubles dips into products
  • All lip products are decanted then applied with a clean brush.

These practices have been suiting me well for years and I have always done this.  They have always stopped me from spreading surface infections and now the importance is even greater.

If for any reason I suspect that my assistant or myself may be infected or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms and has to self isolate we will not attend your wedding and put you and your family at risk.  This is so important to me and I want you to know I would never do that.  I have a big group of fellow artists that I trust and respect in my field and we have all pledged to help each other so an alternative artist will be found for you.

This being said, we also need to look after each other so if you have reason to believe that one of your bridal party could have symptoms please let me know.  Following government guidelines they will obviously not be able to attend your wedding and we would happily do the hair and/or make up of someone else to fill their space.


My usual terms and conditions still apply to your date, you can read these here but I know these are extenuating circumstances so in addition to these the following is true:

If you have no other choice but to postpone your wedding date (ie we are in full lockdown) please know I will gladly transfer your booking to your new date at no extra cost.  All monies paid so far will be moved and will be fully redeemable against your new date.

This is obviously subject to availability; I know you will have so many other suppliers to juggle too but please if you can check the date with me as soon as possible so hopefully we can move it across without any disruption.  If I am booked on your new date I cannot refund you the booking fee but it will be redeemable against any of my other services with no expiration date.

I have now opened up my diary for re-booking in trials.   Trials now must be taken at my home in my studio.  There is now no option for me to come to you.  This is so I can adhere to the strict hygiene guidance and infection control I have been given.  My studio is right by my front door so there is no need to go through the house.  I am now only booking in one trial per day so I can clean and sterilize effectively between each client.  I have taken infection control courses and have certification which is displayed below.  By doing this I am uniquely prepared to mitigate any risks and make it as safe as possible.  If you are in one of the ‘at risk’ groups I advise you not to come.  If you feel at all unwell please just get in touch and we will rearrange your appointment.  Unfortunately at the moment only one person at a time can come to your appointment as there is not enough room to adequately social distance within my small studio.  If you are unsure or concerned about any of my practices please ask as many questions as you need before booking in.

Planning a wedding is so stressful anyway, this situation has compounded everything.  We will make this work and I will be there for you every step of the way.  Please know that this is temporary and it may take a little patience but your wedding days will still happen.

As a lot of you will know… I love a hug so I am sending the biggest virtual hug from me to you.