Getting the most out of your Wedding Hair Trial

How to get the most out of your Wedding Hair Trial

In some ways hair is easier to decide on than makeup, in other ways it’s much trickier.  Your hair type, the length of your hair, the thickness of it, even the colour will all play a factor in the style you decide on.  As with makeup deciding what to go for is very much a process that I will help guide you through so don’t feel you have to know exactly what you want before you come.  I will ask you lots of questions to help us know what to try and really the first place we will start is You.  A big thing to consider is how you feel comfortable.  If you always wear your hair down and that’s how your feel great then a more down style might be best for you.  If you always  wear your hair with lots of height at the front make sure you tell me so I can include it in your style.  If your hair is so thick so leaving it down could make you feel hot and bothered then an up style could be better for you.  The trial is the time to try anything so if time allows we will make sure to try all the styles you wish.

Before you come to your trial consider some of these more practical tips:

Similar neckline: Wearing a similar neckline to your dress/outfit for the day will be really helpful so you know how the hair will sit against it.  Off the shoulder/ thin straps, no straps can all effect how the hair will sit.  Also the back of you dress/outfit should be considered – if you have an ornate lace back or a beautiful backless dress, you might not want to cover it with a thick layer of hair.

Washing: Ideally your hair will be washed the night before, this way the natural oils you produce will give your hair a bit of extra grip.  If you wash it everyday though and you are only comfortable doing this then washing the morning of your trial is fine.

Colour of your hair: If you colour your hair or get regular highlights if possible, try and get it done for your trial (if timings work out for the wedding day.) Sometimes if your colour isn’t fresh or how your usually like it, it can be really distracting when you view your style.  Obviously, budget or timing of the trial doesn’t always allow this and it is more important that it is perfect for the wedding day.

Accessories: If you are open to having something decorative in your hair these can really bring your style alive.  I have a huge range for you to try because sometimes you don’t actually know what you want until you decide on your hair style.  If you have one you have already purchased please bring it along.  A comb or pins are better for an up do or a clip(s) or a band can be perfect in a down style. If you are having a veil this is a must to bring- again I have my old one so if you haven’t picked yours up yet I have something to put into get an idea.

Bring company: if you want to bring a special person to the trial you can. Someone you really feel comfortable with who really knows you, who will be honest with you.  This is always good to help to make that final decision.


HAIR TYPE: This deserves its own section because its such a big factor in the decision making process.  What your hair type is like will shape what we pick the most.  If your hair is light and fine in texture and you choose to have it down, no matter what products we use if it’s windy or wet the style just wont last so an up style might be best.  If your hair is thick, healthy and heavy potentially curls could just drop out.  Hair that is courser or drier in texture is perfect for curls or certain styling because it does what it is told.  Once I feel your hair and have a play I will really be able to advise you if your hair has any limitations.  Mostly these limitations are over come though (with extensions for example or padding) so if there is a style you are really keen on but you don’t think your hair will be able to do it don’t lose hope!

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES:  These are so helpful to me, even of styles you don’t like are great to see because it helps to guide me on what you like.  Take some screen shots or set up a Pinterest board to bring along.  Check out my portfolio or my Pinterest boards for some inspo.

SHORT HAIR:   If you have a bob or a crop there is still so much we can do.  Accessories will really make an impact in your hair too and make it really special.

THE DRESS:   One big factor that I often say to my brides that is really important is that you need to remember that you don’t wear a dress/outfit like that everyday.  This will most likely be the most expensive, most dressed up you have ever been in your life so your hair needs to match this. We will take a great lead from the dress/outfit – if you have gone for a structured, strong lined dress a neat elegant up do or perhaps Hollywood waves would really compliment it.  A softer maybe more boho styled dress, with a smaller silhouette will really suit a soft, tendrilly more undone style.  All these things we will come to together, so if you think ‘I have no idea’ that is what I am here for!

COMMUNICATION.         And finally, communication is key. I mention this in my post about make up trials and it is still so true here too. I want to get the theme, the vibe, the feeling, of not just the wedding but of you, the bride too.  I want you to feel comfortable with me so you can get exactly what you want.  If you don’t like something please do say.  Finding your right hair style is a process that is different for everybody.  I take each bride as an individual, I won’t just force a look on you because that’s what I want to do.   The most important thing to consider is how you feel.  Once I have done your style and you look at yourself I want you to feel incredible and most importantly not worry you don’t look right!!

Thanks for reading!  I can’t wait for your trial!