Makeup Masterclasses

Step-by-step, easy to follow makeup workshops

You and your friends can learn how to apply make-up like a professional artist in a step-by-step, easy to follow and fun workshop all in the comfort of your own home! You can pick:

  • Natural Day Make Up
  • Mastering Smokey Eyes
  • Hollywood Glamour
    OR NEW:
  • Day to Night Makeup

Each member of the class will get their own set of make up and brushes to use during the workshop, where we will break down a look and recreate it together. By the end of the class everyone will have done the look themselves on themselves. I will teach you and your friends how to master techniques and create stunning new looks!

The classes are for 4-6 people, last roughly 2 hours and cost £25 per person. All materials are included. If you like the products, I will tell you the best places to purchase them from. There is no hard sell, this is all just for fun so you can pick up new tips and tricks!

NEW & Exclusive

Mastering Natural Make Up with REN Skincare

I have had the pleasure to team up with Relax Therapy to bring you a brand new masterclass encompassing their amazing REN products and my makeup expertise.  Within this class you will be able to sample the beautiful natural products that REN provide, whilst Liz from Relax Therapy will give you individual skin care advice and help you overcome any of your worries.  I will then give you a makeup class in one of the above listed looks (each class will be advertised with a specific look) in a step by step guide with all products provided by me for you to use.  This class includes a free goodie bag with lots of samples, vouchers and tips and tricks to go home with.

These classes are for 4-6 people, take place at Relax Therapy in Hailsham and are £30 per person including a free goody bag of products from me and Liz!

One to one makeup lessons

One to makeup lesson in a look of your choice

These makeup lessons typically last 1.5 – 2hours and include:

  • A makeup bag overhaul
  • Skincare tips
  • And a full run-through of a look of your choice
Personal product recommendations will also be sent through to you after your lesson.

Contact Me

If you require any further information regarding my services or master classes then please do not hesitate to contact me on the information below or submit your information into the contact form.