Skincare Routine


If you are reading this, you obviously want to improve your skincare routine.  Whether you have come for a Bridal trial and we had a chat about what you are doing or you have a particular concern (such as spots, redness, pigmentation, anything) then improving how you care for your skin in a few simple ways could really help.  Below is a BASIC routine that by tweaking the products to suit your particular skin type will really help you on your way to well cared for skin.

Good make up starts with good skincare, they really go hand in hand so this is just a starting off point to help you establish a good routine.  You will find you will learn more about your skin as you do this.

  • Cleanser

In my opinion Cleanser is the most important step in your skincare routine.  Whether you are taking off a full face of make up or just washing your face in the morning using the wrong cleanser will put your skin on the back foot.  For example if you are using a cleanser (or heaven forbid – wipes!) that are too clarifying and is stripping your skin too much of your natural oils then even if you moisturise adequately it will never keep up and will cause sensitivity, dryness or other issues. Or if you are using a too creamy cleanser on an already excessively oily skin you will not clean your skin enough which could then in turn lead to blocked pores and spots.  I like my cleanser to take both my face and my eye makeup off at once but if you prefer you can get a separate eye makeup remover.  If you do this make sure you do this first and then cleanse the rest of your face.  Personally I love a cleansing balm to really take off my makeup and if I have a lot on I follow it with a cream cleanser too.

  • Acid

This step can sound scary to some but really it’s not.  Different acids do different things and the one you should start off with is an exfoliant.  Ditch the physical ones (a wash with hard scrubby bits in) for an exfoliating toner containing an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or a BHA (Beta hydroxy acid), or both, and this will take off the dead skins cells without scrubbing indiscriminately at your skin.  Think of a traditional toner that you would just wipe over your skin on a cotton pad after you have cleansed.  These come in varying strengths so start with a weak one.  Start off by doing this 2 times a week. Let it dry then move on to..

  • Serum

Serum is a precursor to your moisturiser.  It penetrates lower in your skin to moisturise the lower layers so your moisturiser can treat your upper layers.  If you have a dry or dehydrated skin this step is a must.  If you have an oilier skin you might find in certain months (like the hot summer months) this will be enough for you to moisturise with.

  • Moisturise and Protect

For even those who have an oily skin type this is an essential step in your skincare routine.  If you starve your skin of adequate moisture it will only produce more oil to compensate. If this is the case for you then an oil free, water based moisturiser is a must.  For a dryer skin try using a lotion in the day and a heavier cream or an oil at night so it can really penetrate your skin while you sleep.  I would always recommend a different night cream if you can but if it’s the same one then that’s fine.  To protect your skin an SPF is essential for day.  Ideally separate but if it’s in your day cream too that’s better than nothing!


Remember this is bay-sic!! There are so many more steps that you can add to your skincare routine once you get going (like other acids such as retinols, double cleanses, eye creams, treatments, masks, etc etc) but skincare can be quite overwhelming when first starting out.  If you take it back to a really simple routine then you can establish where you need to go next. If you find after doing these steps for at least 3 weeks your skin isn’t any better then adding in another element to your routine may help.   If acne (or on the opposite end of the spectrum – rosacea, although it is a form of acne) is your concern and it is not being helped at all by a new routine, go to your GP for advice.  Acne cannot always be treated topically by over the counter products.

This routine ideally would be done twice a day, with a more thorough cleanse and more intense moisturiser at night (except for the acid only do that at most once a day) but if you are new to this and can only do it once a day, night time is always best but please do try to moisturise twice a day.

If you are reading this and think – well I still don’t know what to buy read my blog post here for a few product recommendations.

Alternatively, if you are really struggling and want something to help a particular concern then seek professional advice.  If it is the run up to your wedding, then maybe now is the time to seek out a facialist who could really help.  If you are local to the Sussex area these ladies are amazing and could help you structure a routine tailored specifically to you:

Relax Therapy – Based out in Hailsham using beautiful REN products, a clean skincare brand that really has something for everyone.  Lovely Liz is so knowledgeable and will really help you as well as getting a relaxing facial or even a massage along the way too!


Blush! – Based out in Three Oaks in Westfield Penny’s gorgeous little studio is on her property in the beautiful Sussex countryside.  Penny seriously knows her stuff and is also a make up artist too so will really know how to treat that skin to get it looking amazing.



If you want to do some more research yourself there is a wealth of information on the internet and in the blogging universe.  Two people I would really recommend are Sali Hughes, a columnist for The Guardian and Caroline Hirons, a beauty expert who seriously knows skin!

Both have masses of experience and product knowledge and are completely unbiased-  also neither mince their words which I like, I feel you can really trust their opinion, they won’t tell you something is good if it is not.



I hope this has helped and has not confused you!  Skincare is a journey and annoyingly can sometimes take a few tries to figure out but you will get there and by doing a routine like this can really help you skin stay healthy.  If you want to talk further to me or ask me for my opinion on a particular product – just get in touch!

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