Trial Tips

Get the most out of your trial

When you come to book your trial here are a few things you should consider.

As a guide, I recommend you book your trial 8-10 weeks before your wedding but this can be sooner if you wish.

I can only do weekdays for your trial as I tend to be booked at weekends.  If this is difficult, and I have a weekend slot available, I will always try my best to accommodate your needs but these tend to be few and far between because of all the weddings I do. I cannot do trials on Sundays or in the evenings.

Time of Day: trials are best taken in the morning as this is likely to be when you will have your hair/makeup done on your wedding day. Then, if possible, try to leave it on all day and see how the hair style and/or the makeup will last so you can get a true impression of how it will look at the wedding. This obviously isn’t always possible but if you can leave it on into the evening (or maybe even go out for dinner!) this will help you get the most out of your trial.

Location: Trials take place at my home in TN37 7RL.  This way I can have everything set up and ensure the light and space is right. However, if this is a problem and I have the time and availability I can come to you but there will be a surcharge and travel costs may be incurred.

Your Look: please have pictures of the hair or makeup style (or both if I am doing both!) for me to see. Even if you only have pictures of styles you don’t like that will be a good start! If you need help with inspiration check out my Portfolio or my Pinterest boards for even more pictures of hair and makeup that I have done.

Choosing a look can be tricky. A bride should look like herself on her best day ever.  Pick a makeup and hair style you are comfortable with as well as feel amazing in.  Remember who you are marrying wants to recognise the person they fell in love with when they walk down the aisle towards them.  This is what the trial is for, to find this look, so please don’t feel pressurised to like the first looks and styles we try!  Don’t waste your trial, if you don’t like something, please say – all I want is for you to be happy and this is what the trial is for, if you don’t like something and don’t tell me I wont know!

If you plan to wear something in your hair, like a veil, comb or clip, bring them along. This is not a must but will help you visualise the finished style. If you are not sure if you want an accessory yet I have a few things we can try that will help give you an idea. Hair extensions are sometimes good to use for your desired style. They are often used for thickness and style durability rather than length.  For example if you would like your hair down and curly they would help keep the style in all day. We can always figure this out at the trial but if you have them bring them too or if you want to purchase some I can point you in the right direction.

Time: please allow plenty of time. Trials should take about an hour and a half for makeup or hair only bookings or about 2.5 hours for hair and make up (depending on how decisive you are!) It is only necessary for the Bride to have a trial but any member of the bridal party is welcome to have one.  Each additional person would take roughly 45 minutes each for make up. Hair trials take approximately an additional 1 hour per person.

Prep: Ideally your hair will be washed the night before although if you wash it everyday then do what you normally do. As long as it’s clean and dry I don’t really mind.  Also if possible you will come without make up on with moisturised skin. If you aren’t comfortable with this I have products to remove it when you get here and skincare products to use after. Wearing white, or the colour of your wedding outfit is helpful too as this can effect the finish of the makeup.

Company: Please feel free to bring any friends/family with you if you would like. It’s always helpful to have a second opinion! 🙂  If there are more than 2 extra people you would like to bring let me know as my studio isn’t that big!

I am so looking forward to working with you at your trial, if you have any questions please get in touch!
See you soon!