Trial Tips

How to get the most out of your make up trial and decide on your look

In an ideal world, your wedding day will be a calm, joyous 24 hours where you feel positively giddy with happiness. In reality, particularly the getting ready part, can be a bit overwhelming!  By hiring someone to do your make up on the day it can really ease the stresses of getting it right on the morning.  How you will look on your wedding day is quite understandably a big deal for a lot of brides so when you have a trial for your make up I want you want to make the most of it.  A few practical things that are helpful when coming for your trial are:

  • Wear the colour that you will be wearing on the day.  Some colours can really affect your skin tone so by wearing the same colour as you will be on the wedding day is helpful.
  • If you think you will be getting a spray tan for the day try to get one for the trial. It is not a must, but it will affect the colours and sometimes the amount of makeup we use.
  • Bring company- if you want to bring a special person to the trial. Someone you really feel comfortable with who really knows you, who will be honest with you.  This is always good to help to make that final decision.
  • Finally teaming your trial with a day or night out (maybe even your hen!) is a great way to test out the longevity of the products used and how they sit on your skin.
Wedding Makeup Hastings


Deciding what to go for is very much a process that I will help guide you through so don’t feel you have to know exactly what you want before you come.  I will ask you lots of questions to help us know what to try and really the first place we will start is You.  Find pictures where you think you look your best.  Where you remember feeling amazing.  Bring those pictures along and together we can pin point what it is about those pictures you like best.  If you are someone that likes to wear full make up everyday don’t feel you need to be natural on your wedding day.  That being said if you never wear make up on a daily basis you don’t have to wear a ton of it on your day just because you think you should.  A few clever well-placed products can really brighten up your complexion and enhance your eyes so you just look like you on a really good day.  If you prefer the no makeup look accept that you may still see make up but trust me on the day once you are in the dress and your hair is done the make up will be the last thing people notice they will just see a beautiful glowing You.

The dress

We will take a great lead from the dress – if you have gone for a structured, strong lined dress a soft less defined make up won’t work but perhaps a bolder lip with a strong liner to enhance the eyes will look stunning.  A softer maybe more boho styled dress, with a smaller silhouette will really suit a glowy, neutral toned make up.  All these things we will come to together, so if you think ‘I have no idea’ that is what I am here for!


Eyes are often the feature that people want to make the most of with their bridal make up.  Don’t feel you have to decide on colours for your eye makeup before you come, mostly your colouring will dictate this.  The colours you have chosen to feature in your wedding such as the flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, jewellery etc will also help to lead us to your ideal tones.  If you do have a particular colour you want to wear though, that’s great, we can incorporate it.  Lashes are something that are included in all my prices and whether you want a strong lash, or just natural ones to enhance your eyes, these we can try at your trial to see if you like them.  They are a great way of bringing out your eyes in photographs without having to wear more make up.